I had the weirdest dream

So, Jimmy was seen sneaking into the women’s quarters (which were,  er, in a shed) more than often than once, so Mrs Hughes and I ran over to the door and caught him leaving! I was first to the scene so this conversation went on:

Jimmy - I were looking for someone.Me - You couldn’t have gotten one of the girls to do it?
Jimmy - No, er. Mr Barrow and I were fucking. (note: ‘fucking’ said like an aggressive challenge)
Me - You and Mr Barrow were fucking, sure.

At which point Jimmy half-way scarpers and Thomas also comes out of the shed, so I am slightly flabbergasted, but I ask him what he was doing and told him not to get mad for my asking, because there was a reason. I don’t remember what he said, but it was something innocuous and reasonable-ish. So I say, Oh, because Jimmy said you two were fucking. At which point he makes the sliest smile around his cigarette and says, Oh, did he? Jimmy runs away

…at which point Thomas and I have a friendly make-out because why not, it’s dreamland.

That was all for that bit, but there was also drama involving a stuffed rabbit, though that was just me & Mrs Hughes.

I started writing a sexy thing but THEN it changed and involves feet now? stockinged feet, admittedly, with sock garters, but I don’t


what have I become?



Did anyone else grow up sort of thinking that they’d someday be sucked into another world/dimension/time period or was it just me…?

Cuz I feel like I never actually expected to live as an adult in this world.

This dawned on me a few years ago-   that I don’t want to visit New York, I want New York in the 1920s. I don’t wanna visit Berlin, I want Isherwood’s Berlin. I don’t wanna visit Paris, I want Paris in the Belle Époque. Most distressing.

Now more than ever I think my theory is correct:

Rob’s just so beautiful it’s like staring into the sun, so when some people see him their eyes just shift to the next schlub without realising it to counteract the effects.

I mean, hence the confusion re: weight, being bonny of face, &c; it’s the only explanation.

"In 1837, the first instance of the phrase “go fuck yourself” or its variants was recorded when a woman who told a group to “go fuck themselves” was charged with the crime of obscenity."

Finally saw the episode.



One condom?!?

That is all.

question: was it a condom or was it some type of birth control pill / powder ?? when were condoms invented? were they made of rubber? 

They were around since the 1800s, made of rubber - then latex since the 1920s - but I imagined it was a diaphragm she was after?

Or maybe one of those weird Lysol douches…

Anonymous asked:

What color are your eyes?

Green mostly, though hazel technically.

Anonymous asked:

crowbarrow anon here. thank you for the drabble, it's lovely. i don't have a tumblr but i'm always checking your blog because i really like your crowbarrow stories ;-)

That makes me just ever so happy to know! Good heavens. Thank you for saying, darling, you’ve cheered me enormously.