Fun fact about me:

When I was young, 14 or so, I used to write a lot of pornography - at the behest of friends. You wouldn’t believe the things Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page got up to. 

But then my friends began to judge me over it, despite having asked it of me, so I stopped writing anything out of embarrassment

Then, a year ago or so, I wrote some Downton fic and almost couldn’t write the actual sex I intended? Despite having, you know, had sex in the interim.

Yet here I am, proudly writing hilariously explicit pornography.

Truly this is my calling

Someone please pay me

Anonymous asked:

I'm very stubborn so yeah. I won't die until Thomas is fucked and happy. Mark my words.


Anonymous asked:

That sounds like a good idea, I might try it later. You have the best ideas, thank the heavens for you! With care, of course. I do not wish to die until I see Thomas Barrow happy and sexually satisfied.

If you don’t die until Thomas is fucked and happy, you may well prove immortal


Anonymous asked:

I'm sure it is sexy to experience, it surely sounds sexy in my head. I need to find less vanilla lovers because I'm becoming sexually frustrated. (Lies, I would take any lover at this point. ANY LOVER AT ALL. BRING THE VANILLA PEOPLE). You don't need to reply to this, it's early and my brain isn't working properly.

I will reply to this

I’ve had weird bad luck with lovers and only find very kinky one-night stands? So it’s a different sort of intimacy - kind of refreshing in its way because of a connection to humanity rather than to the lover in question.

I mean, I can recommend cutting of your air while you bring yourself off, but don’t go all David Carradine, you know? 

Vanilla sex is so boring to me it may as well not happen

I took this cap and forgot to post it
"Please let me leave - no, really, please I can see Thomas glaring at me let me go back to Crowborough”

I took this cap and forgot to post it

"Please let me leave - no, really, please I can see Thomas glaring at me let me go back to Crowborough”

It’s probably good I live nowadays, because I certainly would have killed myself if I lived in the past

Now, though, I can listen to podcasts that make me laugh until I cry and talk to strangers about pornography about my actor crushes and talk to people I’ve never met whom I love and it’s all really rather exciting and nice and distracting

So, er, I suppose a thanks is in order to people who are about. You mean the world - literally. Without you people I would no longer have the world.

Anonymous asked:

I'm glad you liked it :) and yes, choking is a big kink of mine.

Choking is a good kink. I really ought to write more choking. It’s got such a sexy element of power play and pure submission, it’s nearly as sexy to read as to experience.

Anonymous asked:

Thomas rolls his hip in a circular motion and moves his hand up his chest, over his lips, against his neck. "Will you think of me riding you like this when you're alone?" He asks and his hands close around his throat barely letting any air pass through. That's enough to push Philip over the edge and he comes with Thomas name on his lips, the screaming silenced by the sweet pressure of those marble hands. "That might leave a mark" he complains. "Something to remember me by".



So good. 

Thank you

(holds you tight)

Anonymous asked:

"Would you think of me?" He asks as he places his legs on either side of Philip's hip. "When you're alone, will you think of me?" He repeats and grabs hold of Philip's prick, sliding him between his checks to press the head on his entrance. "Yes" the Duke moans and he thrusts up, entering Thomas with one sharp movement. "Yes yes yes yes" he repeats over and over again, pushing inside with force and desperation. (Continues in next ask, fuck the stupid character limit)

The character limit is making this even more exciting, honestly

Anonymous asked:

Thomas secures the end of the tie to the bedframe, making sure Philip can't get his hands free. "Are you sure it won't leave a mark?" "I'll kiss it better, now lay back and relax". They don't have much time, his train leaves in a couple of hours. So, as much as he would like to suck and lick on every inch of Philip's skin, marveling on the sight of his lover before finally guide him inside, they must be fast and he wants to, oh he wants to so badly it's hard to focus. (continues in next ask)


Anonymous asked:

That was DELICIOUS. Thank you so much, it was better than I had imagined. You're so talented <3 and it was for ME so double thank you. I love rough consensual sex. I don't know how to thank you, this was the best thing to wake up to. I hope you're happy too, you just made my dad. Tons of hugs to you, lovely. I adore you to the moon and back. Thank you thank you thank you.

  1. You are most welcome! You’re so nice, you deserve treats by way of porn.
  2. Rough consensual sex is best.
  3. I am not happy, but that’s OK. 
  4. I know it was a typo, but “made my dad” amused me very much because I am 12.
  5. Hugs and kisses and cuddles and stuff; your messages always cheer me up so much.
  • Louis: I know it's never worked and it turns everyone into monsters, but I'mma bury Rachel in the pet semetary anyway
  • Pascow: Literally don't
  • Louis: It's gonna be great
  • [Pascow stares into camera like he's on The Office]

For Lovely Anon who wanted biting!

"I’m going to give you a bruise," Thomas said, in a more or less conversational fashion. He glanced up at Philip through his lashes and grinned, cocking his head.
"Are you?"
"So you can think of me," he informed, placing a glancing sort of kiss on Philip’s mouth before trailing down his body. "Somewhere your valet can’t see. Here, I think," he hummed into Philip’s belly, touching his fingertips to the soft skin between Philip’s thighs.
Philip mostly wanted a kiss - he doubted he had every tasted anything so lovely as Thomas’s lips, but the way they covered him and seemed to wrap him in lust - that, too, was a wonder. It was a sensation better than almost anything to which he could compare - and if Thomas wanted to leave him a reminder (though, god, how could he ever forget?), Philip would let him. Philip would beg him.
Thomas pressed his lips to the curve of his cock, the jut of his hip - around and down, spreading his thighs and leaving him wonderfully exposed. Philip’s fingers ran through Thomas’s hair, stroking circles onto his scalp as Thomas tongued the soft skin - sucked it into his mouth, drew on it with his teeth.
The pain was hardly bearable - so sharp and strange, like nothing Philip could remember having experienced. Particularly twisted as it was with pleasure - Thomas’s hand pressed firmly against his prick and Thomas’s voice vibrating desire, humming against him.
"There," he murmured, resting his cheek against Philip’s thigh. He smiled a lascivious little smile and pressed his kiss against Philip’s hip, following it down to his cock.
"I’ll think of you. God," he groaned, his back arching, "god, Thomas, I always think of you."