Sexual orientation: Julie Newmar as Catwoman in that bodysuit with those claws. Me-ow indeed.

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Thommy & tentacles

Nobody had known quite where to look when Jimmy had come downstairs - it seemed indecent that he wasn’t wearing trousers, but there wasn’t really anything to expose. For all the tailoring in the world, nobody expected to conjure up eight-legged trousers.

"That’ll teach ya to kick beggarwomen, James," Mrs Patmore said, rather too lightly for both  the situation and the sentiment. Jimmy’s face screwed up in confusion before she clarified, "You’ve been cursed, clear as day. Won’t be kicking no one now, will ya?"

"I didn’t -" Jimmy started, staring after her as she trundled away. Mr Carson looked more confused than anything, which Thomas found surprising; idly he wondered if Carson might have done it. Jimmy slid over to his chair, but wearing such a thunderous expression that Thomas knew he had meant to storm dramatically. Thomas caught his eye with a half smile, which Jimmy only narrowed his eyes at; well, Thomas certainly hadn’t bloody done it.

Then, Mr Carson broke the silence, filled as it was with equal discomfort and awe, with, “Well, Mr Barrow, as the house isn’t running an exhibition, I trust you’ll need to secure footman’s livery before the family eats.”

He stared at him expectantly until Thomas rose, taking his toast with him, and successfully stormed away.

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Thank you for my hallboy fic. It was beautifully sad. I loved it.

You’re very welcome! Glad you liked it.

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Crowbarrow; anal beads

(I’m picturing a bead stick rather than the clacking sort on a string, because I don’t trust those. Again, modern AU of necessity.)

Thomas kissed down the protrusions of Philip’s spine, tonguing at the spaces in between as he lowered himself down his body. His hand fluttered around the grip of the stick, jarring it just enough in the right direction to make Philip groan into the pillow. Thomas pulled away for a moment to sit back on his heels, taking in the sight of his actions.

The larger beads were still left, three of them; he eased the stick forward, twisting it as he went to watch the muscles in Philip’s back tighten at the sensation. He pressed the bead against Philip’s hole, teasing it forward and holding it, stretching him open at its widest point. Philip’s hips rolled backward, pushing it into himself and then out as he fell back to the bed. Thomas pressed the next one forward, letting Philip fuck himself onto that as well, though he still for a moment after its intrusion.

"Christ," he murmured and Thomas absently reached up to massage at his hip in a vaguely soothing manner. "Christ, just fuck me," he gasped as Thomas slid the stick more than halfway out, only to slowly let Philip take it back in. He watched Philip draw himself up slightly, burying his face in the crooks of his elbows. "I’m fine, just fuck me."

"Wait. There’s one left," Thomas said, as though that were somehow preventing him from removing it entirely. When Philip remained silent, Thomas he pressed the final bead against him, tempting its entrance with his thumb. It was around the width of Thomas’s prick, so it seemed right for Philip to take this, too. He pressed it in, feeling the muscle closing around his thumb as Philip groaned.

Thomas rotated it once more before releasing it, slicking his cock with lubricant, staring at the absent rocking motions Philip’s hips were making. Hurriedly, Thomas moved closer to him holding himself up with a hand flat on Philip’s back as he took hold of the stick once more, pulling it out with more vigour than strictly necessary.

Philip gasped and curled inward, prompting Thomas to slide his hand from his back to his hip, pulling him forward as he pressed into him. Philip moaned again, turning his head to the side as Thomas lay over him, moving a hand to wrap around Philip’s stomach. He settled his cheek against Philip’s neck and their sounds began to intertwine as completely as their bodies as they moved roughly against one another.

"Well," Thomas began, with a breathless laugh, "worth the wait?"

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anonymous said: not seen any hallboy prompts- so voyeurism/bath prompt or similar

This isn’t at all smutty, just a bit long.

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